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Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?
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Welcome to the Color Browse section of my gallery. This section allows you to browse all of my images by the colors found in them. This can be useful when you are looking for something to match an exisiting color theme, buy a print with someone's favorite color in it, or browse the collections in a different way. All it takes is a spot of color for an image to get categorized. Even if there is only a small spot of red for example, you will find it under red. This allows you to find even small traces of color. As you might expect, an image can be listed in multiple categories.

Please click on the images to the right to begin, or use the text links below:
Red is one of the most intense colors around. Graphically it is used to denote danger, trouble, fire, and things to stay away from.  For this reason it is one of my favorites
A mix of Red and Yellow make this fun color.  That of passionate sunsets and florida architecture, it is found more places that one would think
Yellow, the color of the sun, amazing sunsets, and crazy road signs, this color isnīt around quite enough
A mixture of a few colors makes this very common color in our landscapes.  Although not my favorite, it is good base to show off other colors
While not actually a color (as per my friend Bonnie), these "values" are some of the most striking.  When all color is removed and only black, white, and the greys in-between are there--one has no other choice but to look deeper to find their feelings.  Color has the tendency to be distracting and distorting.  Black and White do not lend this efficiency.
Black & White
The color of life, this color will be found in waterfalls, plants, rocks, and marshy greenlands.
Soft, suave, and tender, these colors provide the Ying to the Yang of the stronger colors.  Marking flowers, sunsets, and night vistas, these colors are required for any decent study of color
It is truly hard to find a naturally occuring purple in the world, although some of the more spectacular sunsets have been known to have strong hints of purple.
The royal color blue.  In this collection one can find images of the blue sky, open landscapes, breathtaking lakescapes, sunsets, oceans, lakes, buildings, and more!
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