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Kansas FarmlandKansas FarmlandKansas FarmlandKansas FarmlandKansas FarmlandKansas Farmland
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Photographers & Other Artists

Adam Wallacavage

Crazy… simply crazy. I am warning you now. His work is so immediate and in your face it is hard to stop clicking on his various galleries.

Dana Vachon

An emerging photographer in the Philadelphia area that has the makings of a great photographer. Keep an eye on her and you won't be disappointed.

Eric Murphy

A good friend and an emerging photographer, Eric Murphy has a wistful finger that is slowly shooting its way into some very compelling portfolios.

Mark Gray

Stunning panoramics with a surreal feel from Australia. Check out his work and be prepared to see wild colors and a vivid imagination.

Noah Grey

To this day, Noah Grey has been inspiring me to keep my site clean and intuitive, photos fresh and striking, and to keep the human side in all my presentations. Whenever I am lacking inspiration or a drive, I visit his site and become rejuvenated.

Olivo Barbieri

With the use of specially designed lenses, Olivo Barbieri's photography looks like he's taken pictures of models--not real-life landscapes. Through the use of an altered color space and a extremely shallow depth of field, he gets in a helicopter and shoots images of buildings, stadiums, parks, etc. Simply amazing work!

Phillip Toledano

You won't be let down strolling through the galleries of Mr. Toledano. Clean lines, crazy subjects. There are major elements of his work that I would love to develop in my own.

Tim Prentice

Tim Prentice does kinetic sculptures that make me want to branch out into sculpture again. The motion that he creates sculptures that seek to "minimize friction and inertia to make the air visible". This guy sure gives Calder a run for his money.

Jeremy Turner

Wilderness, landscape and fine art photography from Australia, New Zealand and Europe, in color and black and white.


Photo West Gallery

A photography gallery in Philadelphia that represents a number of local and international photographers with a variety of shows throughout the year. It is run by a Powelton Village photographer named Laurence Salzmann.

Sande Webster Gallery

This gallery has been a kind of iconoclast for some time in Philadelphia. New and daring work with people who nobody else thought could make it. Even if I never make it into this gallery, I will always support its mission.

Yossi Milo Gallery

A great collection of fine art photographers who challenge the notion that photography doesn't have to convey something tangible or obvious. Lots of great work and a wonderful variety

Arts Organizations

40th Street Community Arts Collective

The 40th St Community Arts Collective (COAC) is committed to the proposition that the arts can profoundly change and enrich our community. With 40th Street in West Philadelphia as our symbolic center, we are a collective of local artists, arts organizations, arts educators, arts venues, arts businesses, and other organizations that recognize that the arts are a necessary part of a creative and healthy neighborhood and economy. We work collaboratively to effect change while maintaining the diversity of our neighborhood.

Healing Art Works

Healing Art Works, Inc., is a non-profit organization committed to providing works of original art for patient rooms at hospitals and medical centers in order to facilitate emotional and physical healing through art.

friends & family

Crista Cueto

A trusted advisor, a beautiful musician, the reason I go to church once a year, and a very funny woman. Hire her to sing for any occasion. She tangos too.

language schools

Institute of Modern Spanish
(Mérida, México)

This school was the first language school that I had ever attended and they were great. They connected me with a great family as well as excellent teachers who worked with my enthusiasm to learn the language.

La Montaña
(Bariloche, Argentina)

If you love to ski and want to kick your Spanish up a notch, this is the place to be! In the heart of the Andes Mountains in beautiful Bariloche, classes are fun, teachers are very knowledgeable and resourceful, and they had lots of events planned for everyone. I wish I was there right now.

Machu Picchu Spanish School
(Cusco, Perú)

In the main Zócalo of Cuzco, Perú, this school had a young and energetic staff that helped me find the exact home stay I was looking for, the classes I needed, and the extras that I needed. Even when I got sick and had to cut my trip a little short, they made sure all of my arrangements were made correctly and I got home safely.

(Oaxaca, México)

A couple blocks away from the heart of the action in downtown Oaxaca de Juarez, this school had a charming location, many levels of classes, and a very helpful staff. They were really good about planning events for the students and finding great home stays.

Internet Resources

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