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Service & Support...Photography Agent Wanted!

I am looking for long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with an agent who will represent my photography in all markets, including but not limited to advertising, billboards, bus-stop shelters, coffee table/travel/photo books, commercials, corporate, fine art, galleries, magazines, magnets, kiosks, posters, retail, stock, websites, etc. Basically, I want my photography to propagate in every form--everywhere in the world that photographic images are seen. To accomplish this, you will have a large set of existing connections within the stock, gallery, fine art, commercial, and retail domains.

I currently have more than 10,000 images in my portfolio that represent a variety of subjects and styles. This website is a good representation of the variety of my work, but is not a complete overview of everything I have done. In terms of producing new images, I shoot almost every day and I have at least another 40 years of active shooting ahead of me. Additionally, I am very organized and IT savvy, which is a great support tool to aid in marketing and sales. While not a requirement, it is certainly a bonus if you know how to use computers effecitvely.

Because in addition to representing my work you will also be representing me as a person in the industry, I am looking for someone who is easy to get along with, friendly, firm, and who has keen business and verbal skills. I don't believe in the concept of "selling-out" by commercializing my work, but I don't want to be known as a jerk. With that careful balance being met, I look forward to creating a long-term relationship with you that will be of mutual benefit.

If you meet these prerequisites and would like to discuss this [ad]venture further, please contact me from the following page: Contact Info

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