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Kansas FarmlandKansas FarmlandKansas FarmlandKansas FarmlandKansas FarmlandKansas Farmland
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A series is a collection of images from one or more sessions that have a common theme or emphasis. An image can only be a part of one series at a time. I plan on cataloging series for later use, but to keep my series fresh and with the time. In here, one will find the major threads of my work, organized and hand-selected one image at a time.


Some new work playing with bold colors and abstract subject matter. All images are from my camera and then altered.
The Red Flower Mix

The life and death of a beautiful red flower.
Natural Compositions

Something of an Andy Goldsworthy attempt, these images are a collection of compositions that I created with only nature as I found it. I love to see how just the composition of a natural space and make it come alive and really focus in on the details.
Day of the Dead

A look into the Day of the Dead festival as celebrated in México. Imagine a huge party in a graveyard where the entire family brings their favorite dishes, hires a Mariachi band, and parties until 3 AM!
Mexican Textures

One of my favorite parts about Mexico is walking around and seeing layers of history on every wall. Some you can see when it was bright green, then red, now white. Mexicans love color and their wild use of it kept my eyes open the entire time.
Architectural Abstraction

Angular and geometrically perfect, It's a natural play of composition, and geometry. This series focuses on the shapes that the various perspectives inside and around man-made structures.
Visible Rain

Although it is a common site in most of the country, in the Industrial Northeast, we can't see the rain falling from clouds. This is a mini-study of this phenomena.
Partially Desaturated

When color is ugly, I kill it. I don't colorize these images, but rather take the color out of the background, leaving the original color intact. With this, I want to focus on the subject, not letting viewers be distracted from any other color.
National Parks

Revered for their beauty and natural grace, these places remind us of our roots at such a deep level, it's not hard to feel very spiritual and connected to the earth in these places. This is a survey of all National Parks in the U.S. and abroad.
Long Exposure Study

Opening the shutter for a longer than a second does something unique with exposures: aggregate light is delineated. Shadows brighten, motion disappears, and tracers of color blanket the compositions
Macro: Get Closer

Usually pushing the limit on the closeness of my super-macro setting, life we find is colorful and vibrant. Most of the items in this gallery are less than 1 inch in size.
Sunrises & Sunsets

There is just something amazing when solar light passes through dense layers of our atmosphere. This is one of the simple pleasures I love about earth.
360-Degree Panoramics

These images are experimental and are not fully stitched together. These images are created from 20-26 different images that are then put together, cropped, and then ready for print.
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