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Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?Who wants to miss out on sunrise at Lake Tahoe?
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public galleries...Shape

In this section, one can view the galleries by shape: vertical, square, or horizontal. Each of the below galleries also sorts the images from the most extreme to square... letting you find exactly what you're looking for. If you are looking to match the proportions of an existing frame/mat/etc., please use the aspect ratio tool below to compute the aspect ratio you're looking for.

Image Orientation


Computer backgrounds and wallpapers

The links below will take you to images that will expand without distortion onto your computer background. This will prevent a background set to 'Stretch' from looking like someone pulled in one direction. Click the links below to find backgrounds for your desktop. For those with large monitors, you will notice that some images don't enlarge well. At this time, these images are the largest ones available on the website. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you have a monitor size not listed, please use our aspect ratio tool below.

Directions: Once you click the link below, you will be brought to a set of thumbnails. Browse around until you see the image and then click the 'Enlarge' button. After the full image loads, right-click the image and then click 'Set As Background'. The image should now be on your background. If that doesn't work, you can still right-click the image and save it to your computer, then use the method you have used before to get images on your background.

Aspect Ratio Tool

This calculator will allow you to search by the aspect ratio of an image. This is useful when you have a fixed size that you are enlarging into and want a perfect border around the image. Eg. You purchased a unique frame and want to find an image that matches the same proportions of the frame. This is typical with panoramic and odd-shaped frames.

Directions: Measure the inside distance of the object you want to fill. Then type in the dimensions in the respective boxes below. Do NOT include any text in these fields---only numbers. As long as you put in the same units (inches, cm, pixels, etc.) in both boxes, the correct aspect ratio will be generate. The click Compute. At this point, the default options should give you enough options, so then click Search

If this yields few or no results, expand the margin of your ratio to include the next closest images by selecting a range from the Ratio Margin box to add and subtract from the computed ratio. If you are looking for images in both the horizontal and vertical format with the same ratio, please check the box labeled Show Reverse Ratio. Click on 'Search' to view your results.

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