Esmonde Photography by Patrick Esmonde.


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Oregon Coastal StudyOregon Coastal StudyOregon Coastal StudyOregon Coastal StudyOregon Coastal StudyOregon Coastal Study
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Italy Adventure

Orlando Wedding

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St. Peterīs Basilica 07 :: Vatican, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
St. Peter's Basilica 07

Marble Digital Variations 04 :: Montalcino, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
Marble Digital Variations 04

Cinque Terre 01 :: Corniglia, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
Cinque Terre 01

Tuscan Hills 11 :: Bibbiano, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
Tuscan Hills 11

Fire Water 08 :: Venice, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
Fire Water 08

Esmonde Photography by Patrick Esmonde

Grand Canal 1 :: Venice, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
Grand Canal 1
Venice, Italy

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Downtown All-around Playground 4 :: San Antonio, Texas :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Downtown All-around Playground 4
(4 seconds ago)  This has to be one of the most fun playgrounds I have ever been in!  Situated in downtown San Antonio in HemisFair Park, it even had a great tire swing with full 360-degree rotation (this detail is important in case you are a tire swing connoisseur.)  I spent at least 30 minutes just trying to walk around, in, and under all of the nooks and crannies of this wood jungle.  I want to build one just like it.
Puente De Triana Evening 2 :: Sevilla, Spain :: © 2007 Patrick Esmonde
Puente De Triana Evening 2
(24 seconds ago)
Vatican Museum 04 :: Vatican, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
Vatican Museum 04
(1 minute ago)
Bonfire On The Beach 1 :: Long Branch, New Jersey :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Bonfire On The Beach 1
(2 minutes ago)
Bayside Dock 2 :: Seaside Park, New Jersey :: © 2007 Patrick Esmonde
Bayside Dock 2
(2 minutes ago)
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