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Kansas LandscapeKansas LandscapeKansas LandscapeKansas LandscapeKansas LandscapeKansas Landscape
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Pork! The Other White Art :: Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Pork! The Other White Art  For the record, this is not a real pig.  It is a bronze statue at the Brandywine River Museum.  My friend wanted to take it home, but sadly her request was turned down.  I think it would look great in the middle of her living room.
Prairie Dogs 1 :: Prairie Dog Town, Kansas :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Prairie Dogs 1  In a small town in Kansas, an enterprising (and rather eccentric) man started a petting zoo in the middle of a 300-population prairie dog town.  In order to see the rest of the animals, one must walk through "center city", where the prairie dogs are going about their business.
Birds In The Sky :: Florida, United States of America :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Birds In The Sky
Keeping An Eye On The Riffraff :: San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Keeping An Eye On The Riffraff  I saw this hawk circling around the lake earlier that day.  While standing on a pier later that day, it landed not 10 feet from me.  The entire time, it just stared at me.  I tried to be as calm as possible as I brought my camera to my eye and took this picture.  I did succeed, however, as the shutter clicked--it launched into the air and flew away.
Papa Bear :: Buenos Aires, Argentina :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Papa Bear  This dog was standing his ground in the middle of the Plaza de Mayo.  Called a īcallejeroī or street dog, this public square was probably itīs home.  There were at least 10 other such dogs in the plaza.  They donīt bother anyone and the keep the streets clean, so I suppose the government doesnīt bother that much.
Wind Vane :: Sunset Beach, North Carolina :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Wind Vane

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