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Rosebud Whirling LeafRosebud Whirling LeafRosebud Whirling LeafRosebud Whirling LeafRosebud Whirling LeafRosebud Whirling Leaf
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Mexico Textures 03 :: Oaxaca de Juarez, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Mexico Textures 03  Like an old map filled with exotic places, this wall leaves us with more questions than answers.  Who walked by here?  Was a couple´s first kiss leaning up against it?  Did someone weep upon it mourning the loss of a loved one?  Did kids play and make memories here?  If only this wall could speak.
Cementerio Viejo Xoxo 12 :: Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Cementerio Viejo Xoxo 12
Fresco 1 :: Teotihuacán, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Fresco 1
El Museo Nacional De Antropología 2 :: Mexico City, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
El Museo Nacional De Antropología 2
Nazca Hummingbird :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Nazca Hummingbird  Probably the most popular image of the Nazca lines (las lineas de Nasca), the hummingbird was pretty cool. We made a few passes because it was hard to capture, even in an airplane. This image has been a near-national icon for Peru for some time. It is sewn on hats and underwear and inked on skin as tattoos.
El Castillo :: Chichén Itzá, México :: © 2002 Patrick Esmonde
El Castillo

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