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Sunset in OhioSunset in OhioSunset in OhioSunset in OhioSunset in OhioSunset in Ohio
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Laundry And Flags :: Vernazza, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
Laundry And Flags
Celebración De San Judas Tadeo :: Mexico City, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Celebración De San Judas Tadeo  At the Temple of San Hipólito on the 28th of each month (and especially in November) huge crowds gather to pray to Saint Judas Tadeo, "the protective lord of the impossible causes, the patients and the rebellious children who have turned aside their way to the vices". I only passed by the festival and didn´t have time to stop in, but I hear it is quite a party.
Six Flags Roller Coaster :: Denver, Colorado :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Six Flags Roller Coaster
Flags From The Arch :: Saint Louis, Missouri :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Flags From The Arch  This image was taken straight down from inside the St. Louis Arch.  The intersecting lines and curves drew me into this composition very quickly.
La Bandera De Argentina :: Buenos Aires, Argentina :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
La Bandera De Argentina
Sunday In The Square :: Mérida, México :: © 2002 Patrick Esmonde
Sunday In The Square  A typical market day in the town center.  Vendors sell anything from balloons, to flags, to food.  It´s great to see everyone downtown with the family.

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