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Tuscan Sunset 2 :: Volterra, Italy :: © 2008 Patrick Esmonde
Tuscan Sunset 2
Dream Garden Mosaic :: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania :: © 2007 Patrick Esmonde
Dream Garden Mosaic  Dream Garden is an enormous glass mosaic designed by artist Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966), and executed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tiffany Studios, for the lobby of the Curtis Publishing Building.  This is my favorite section of the wall and I would love to see it printed large.
Friends At The Mineral Pool :: Hierve el Agua, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Friends At The Mineral Pool
Mineral Composition 13 :: Hierve el Agua, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Mineral Composition 13
Utah Landscape :: Utah, United States of America :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Utah Landscape
Badlands Landscape :: Badlands National Park, South Dakota :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Badlands Landscape  After a torrential and violent thunderstorm, a calmness fell over the land that you could feel in the air and taste on your lips.  Like coming into a warm bed on a cold night, nature took a deep breath and drifted soundly off to sleep.
Peruvian Andes 05 :: Cusco, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Peruvian Andes 05
Landscaped Glass :: Somerville, New Jersey :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Landscaped Glass
Approaching Denver :: Colorado, United States of America :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Approaching Denver
Kansas 3 :: Kansas, United States of America :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Kansas 3  An amazing day in Kansas yielded this image.  If you are looking to purchase this image, get one as big as possible.  There is lots more detail and color depth than is displayed here.
Kansas 2 :: Kansas, United States of America :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Kansas 2
Road Trip! :: Kansas, United States of America :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Road Trip!
Kansas 1 :: Kansas, United States of America :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Kansas 1
Prairie Dogs 1 :: Prairie Dog Town, Kansas :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Prairie Dogs 1  In a small town in Kansas, an enterprising (and rather eccentric) man started a petting zoo in the middle of a 300-population prairie dog town.  In order to see the rest of the animals, one must walk through "center city", where the prairie dogs are going about their business.
Roadside Farmhouse :: Missouri, United States of America :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Roadside Farmhouse  Taken from an interstate gas station, this house was obviously long forgotten and just another part of the landscape to the locals. I knew this was the case when the gas station attendant looked at me like I had lost my mind and asked me what I was taking a picture of.  When I exclaimed that I was looking at the really cool barn, he replied: "What barn?"

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