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Kansas LandscapeKansas LandscapeKansas LandscapeKansas LandscapeKansas LandscapeKansas Landscape
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A Skeleton Painting A Painting Of A Skeleton :: Oaxaca de Juarez, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
A Skeleton Painting A Painting Of A Skeleton
Indigenous Conch Man :: Mexico City, México :: © 2005 Patrick Esmonde
Indigenous Conch Man
Pork! The Other White Art :: Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Pork! The Other White Art  For the record, this is not a real pig.  It is a bronze statue at the Brandywine River Museum.  My friend wanted to take it home, but sadly her request was turned down.  I think it would look great in the middle of her living room.
Buffalo In The Streets :: Denver, Colorado :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Buffalo In The Streets
Rolling Railings :: Saint Louis, Missouri :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Rolling Railings
Fun Police :: Seaside Park, New Jersey :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Fun Police  The title of this shot came well after I saw the image on the screen. I think it´s because I was trying to capture a more serious moment, but when I saw the scarily ecstatic clowns in the background, the image reminded me of something I do when people tell me they don´t want to accompany me on some adventure (usually dangerous or ridiculous).  I call them the "fun police" and then start making siren sounds and narrating a fake "pull-over" scene on a bullhorn: "Step out slowly with your hands and balloons where we can see them."
Empanadas :: Buenos Aires, Argentina :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Empanadas  I can´t imagine what kind of jokes and cruelty surround the unmasked empanadas when they are at home or out with friends.  Do they put this on their resume?  You think they need to say whether they were a cheese or meat stuffed empanada?
The Boy And The Birds In The Plaza De Mayo 2 :: Buenos Aires, Argentina :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
The Boy And The Birds In The Plaza De Mayo 2
The Boy And The Birds In The Plaza De Mayo 1 :: Buenos Aires, Argentina :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
The Boy And The Birds In The Plaza De Mayo 1  This poor little boy was dropped in the middle of these birds by his parents.  While they seemed very amused, I could clearly tell that the boy was less than thrilled.  After crying for a couple of minutes, his parents got a clue and retrieved him.
Pigeon Catching :: Buenos Aires, Argentina :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Pigeon Catching  About 5 minutes after I arrived in the Plaza de Mayo, a group of school children were released, like a pack of wild dogs, into the square. This lone wolf was busy chasing this one pigeon -- who never had the simple idea to just fly away to another park -- for at least 20 minutes.
Cycling Fan And His Dog Companion :: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania :: © 2003 Patrick Esmonde
Cycling Fan And His Dog Companion  Sitting in the relatively cool shade of the light post, my uncle waited for just the right shot while my this little dog did nothing but bark the entire time the uphill bicycle sprint was going on.  Obviously, this dog was not used to a loud PA system, music, and people yelling and cheering outside it´s perfect little world...which the sign clearly skews.  Unless there is also a 230lb K-9 in that house, there is certainly no reason to "Beware of [the] Dog".

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