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Mountainside Burial :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Mountainside Burial  Such burial sites are common in Peru. One can pretty much set up a memorial wherever desired. Apart from the roadside memorials that are obviously for car- and highway-related deaths, the ones on the hillsides makes you wonder.
Tourist Tower :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Tourist Tower  Yet another part of the Nazca conspiracy, this place managed to rob me of almost a dollar. From this location, one can see (kind of) a tree on the left and a deranged bird-beast on the right of the flat plain. The lines are hard to detect, even in person. If you really want to see them, an online search might yield better results.
Nazca Hummingbird :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Nazca Hummingbird  Probably the most popular image of the Nazca lines (las lineas de Nasca), the hummingbird was pretty cool. We made a few passes because it was hard to capture, even in an airplane. This image has been a near-national icon for Peru for some time. It is sewn on hats and underwear and inked on skin as tattoos.
Nazca 2 :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Nazca 2
Nazca 1 :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Nazca 1
Nazca Grandmother :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Nazca Grandmother  I see an alien here, no matter what anyone else tells me. Grandmother!?  I don´t think so.  These Peruvians had too much time on their hands.
El Niño Exacts Revenge :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
El Niño Exacts Revenge  As one can see here, when El Niño was causing landslides and floods throughout the rest of Perú, it was also erasing a lot of the lines of Nazca.
Desert Road :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Desert Road  This was a very typical road leading through the coastal desert region taken from an airplane.  Any images before and after this are take from this type of road.
Ready To Fly! :: Nazca, Perú :: © 2004 Patrick Esmonde
Ready To Fly!  This shot was taken from the small Cessna I took to fly over the lines of Nazca. For about $20, I got a 30-minute trip above Nazca.

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